Phone Apps

Smart Phone Application Development:

South Beach helps small business build custom mobile applications for two platforms: iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android based.

It is our goal to really learn your business and then recommend a mobile strategy that meets your objectives.

We can deliver end to end solutions or help you in particular focus areas to deliver on your business objectives.

iPhone Apps Development :

iPhone Applications

We deliver professional iPhone software programming solutions. Our goal is to cater the increasing demand for iPhone application development.

Our iPhone Apps developer team is comprised of seasoned programmers and are able to design and bring to life just about anything imaginable.

Custom iPhone Apps:

Applications that take advantage of one or more of the following iPhone technologies: multi-touch interface, proximity sensor, dialer, accelerometer, GPS, address book or calendar.

Web / Online / Safari / WIFI / iPhone Apps:

Online or "connected-to-web" applications connect to servers via Wi-Fi and/or a cellular network. These applications will allow a user to submit information to a database and/or allows a user to download or view information relating to their search.

Social Networking Apps:

There are many social network apps available and new ones are constantly emerging. From Twitter and Facebook to developing games and utilities, we have the ability to create applications to keep users connected with their friends and to their iPhone.

GPS Enabled Apps:

GPS based and enabled applications take full advantage of all iPhone GPS functionality. It is able to utilize features such as: location tracking, mileage tracking, wireless time sheets and detailed location reporting. All of this data can then be gathered and used both for the purpose of the application and also sent back to a database for analysis.

iPhone Games Development:

We are able to develop games for the iPhone and iPod Touch that are interactive, engaging and easy to play. This is accomplished by utilizing all of the iPhone features, creating a rich graphics and audio experience.
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Because every smart phone application is different we offer this service on a quote basis only.