Special Package

Custom Website Design: For companies not selling product directly online, I.E. no shopping cart, it is South Beach Advertising's belief that a well designed blog is a better solution for local and regional business owners. A complete blog design, set-up and training is offered at $749. As this includes a complete SEO package and Map placement program this is our signature product and our best value solution.
Until March 28th we are offering $100 FREE AdWords credit for any new customers!
Custom Website Blog Package:  Most small businesses either have a terrible website or no website at all.  And the simple fact is that most small businesses cannot afford $1000-$3500 solution.  In light of this South Beach Advertising offers a complete website solution for $749. 

    Your new website will be totally custom
    Your new website will not look like other websites.
    Your business will be visible on all the map services.
    You will get one full hour training.
    No maintenance fee!  No annual fee! 
    Yes! Facebook and Twitter will be on your site!
IF you have a URL we can just have it forward to your new blog no problem.
Until January 31st we are offering $100 FREE AdWords credit for any new customers!