Thursday, December 23, 2010

South Beach Advertising 
provides affordable internet based advertising solutions to small and mid-sized businesses.
Global Reach From The Beach 305-791-4482 

South Beach Advertising offers the following services:

Special Package: For companies not selling product directly online, I.E. no shopping cart, it is South Beach Advertising's belief that a well designed blog is a better solution for local and regional business owners. A complete blog design, set-up and training is offered at $749. As this includes a complete SEO package and Map placement program this is our signature product and our best value solution.
Details About the Custom Website Blog Package:  Most small businesses either have a terrible website or no website at all.  And the simple fact is that most small businesses cannot afford $1000-$3500 solution.  In light of this South Beach Advertising offers a complete website solution for $749.

    Your new website will be totally custom
    Your new website will not look like other websites.
    Your business will be visible on all the map services.
    You will get one full hour training.
    No maintenance fee!  No annual fee! 
    Yes! Facebook and Twitter will be on your site!
Website Improvement: This program will focus on fixing critical elements of a clients existing website, without changing platforms, at a much lower cost than a complete redesign. Typical website improvement plans will cost about $500.
 Google Maps and Mapquest Placement: This program will focus on ensuring proper map placement for local and regional businesses on the most utilized map platforms. Typical map programs will cost $100 or less.

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Search Engine Optimization: This program will focus on improving the clients current ‘ranking’ on the natural results for Google, Yahoo and Bing. This program is often included in the website improvement program and is always included in the website design program. The SEO, by itself, has four main elements to assure results: 1: Keywords Research 2: Website Optimization 3: Off-page / Link Popularity 4: XML Sitemap / Web Analytic. A typical SEO program, as a stand alone product, will cost $749.
There is no monthly fee to pay and there’s no contract either.

Want proof?  Below are the 30 day stats for South Beach Advertising.  I DO NOT run ANY KIND OF PPC.  This is a 30 day window that included the holidays.
I am getting 1,124- 1176 unique clicks a month.  With straight SEO.  How many are you getting?  Look at the two months below. 
Website Design: This is a ‘start from scratch’ web design program which will be all inclusive. Final pricing will be determined by the total number of site pages but the program is designed to cost $749 everything included (custom design, SEO, social media links, etc) with more comprehensive and complicated sites being offered on a quote basis.
 Social Media: This program will provide a Facebook, Twitter and Linked In presence for the client. This program includes account set-up, account customization, placement of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In links on website/blogs.

Custom Store Design: For those customers who wish to sell product directly on the internet this package will ‘from scratch’ load up to 200 products into a custom shopping cart platform. We try to utilize Yahoo Store as our platform as it is consistently thought to be the most ‘secure’. We will, however work with any of the various shopping carts if the customer requests this. A Yahoo based package will cost $1549 with other platform packages being quoted out on a case by case basis.
 Store Design Improvement: For customers who sell product online and either did it themselves or had it done so long ago that the current site is antiquated we will fix critical elements giving the general appearance of a new store. We offer this on any of the standard shopping cart platforms for $749 or $499 when combined with any other package.
 Smart Phone Application Development:
South Beach helps small business build custom mobile applications for two platforms: iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android based.

It is our goal to really learn your business and then recommend a mobile strategy that meets your objectives.

We can deliver end to end solutions or help you in particular focus areas to deliver on your business objectives.

Because every smart phone application is different we offer this service on a quote basis only.
iPhone Apps Development :
iPhone Applications
We deliver professional iPhone software programming solutions. Our goal is to cater the increasing demand for iPhone application development.

Our iPhone Apps developer team is comprised of seasoned programmers and are able to design and bring to life just about anything imaginable.

Custom iPhone Apps:

Applications that take advantage of one or more of the following iPhone technologies: multi-touch interface, proximity sensor, dialer, accelerometer, GPS, address book or calendar.
Web / Online / Safari / WIFI / iPhone Apps:

Online or "connected-to-web" applications connect to servers via Wi-Fi and/or a cellular network. These applications will allow a user to submit information to a database and/or allows a user to download or view information relating to their search.
Social Networking Apps:

There are many social network apps available and new ones are constantly emerging. From Twitter and Facebook to developing games and utilities, we have the ability to create applications to keep users connected with their friends and to their iPhone.
GPS Enabled Apps:

GPS based and enabled applications take full advantage of all iPhone GPS functionality. It is able to utilize features such as: location tracking, mileage tracking, wireless time sheets and detailed location reporting. All of this data can then be gathered and used both for the purpose of the application and also sent back to a database for analysis.
iPhone Games Development:

We are able to develop games for the iPhone and iPod Touch that are interactive, engaging and easy to play. This is accomplished by utilizing all of the iPhone features, creating a rich graphics and audio experience.

If you would like a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL consultation regarding iPhone Apps, Blackberry Apps or Windows Mobile Applications call us today at 305-791-4482

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

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